• Lecturer in the ‘RTP (Radiotherapy Planning) Technology Systems’ course at the Continuous Education Dept., Al-Nahrain University, for biomedical simulation system using MATLAB, February 2006.
  • Laboratory assistant for the C Programming undergraduate course at Computer Engineering Dept., Al-Nahrain University, 2003 – 2004.
  • Laboratory assistant for the Computer Networking graduate course at Computer Engineering Dept., Al-Nahrain University, 2003 – 2004.

Dynamic Measurement Consultants (DMC), LLC

Hamden, CT (7/2012 – 9/2012)

Accelerometer Board Developer (Intern, 480 hrs):

  • Used PIC24F microcontroller due to its robust controlling purposes for such project.
  • Programmed the accelerometer board for a reliable and fast data acquisition rate.
  • Verified the reliable data conversion using 12-bit ADC chipset.
  • Verified the fast data transferring to the host using USB 2.0 interface.
Professional Experience

IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services) Organization

CT, USA (10/2015 – 6/2019)

IT Coordinator 

  • Implemented and deployed Web, DNS, DHCP, and Email servers using LAMP-based platforms.
  • Maintained Synology NAS—DiskStation and its securities and policies.
  • Assured the security of the overall system and its related servers from any vulnerabilities and threats using WAF and customized ACLs.
  • Configured whole networking entities properly to match any future office(s) expansion.
  • Designed and managed the Wi-Fi networks for IRIS staff, interns, and clients to be used separately to access specified resources and functionalities.
  • Installed wireless security cameras with remotely monitoring capability.
  • Integrated IRIS clients’ files to the unified on-the-cloud web-based database.
  • Enhanced IRIS website using WordPress platform using PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Developed Android software, called AGIR (Assistant Guide for Immigrant & Refugee), for IRIS clients.
  • Designed and implemented a web portal for IRIS co-sponsors to exchange private data securely.
  • Deployed internal Email/SMTP server to be used by IRIS staff and other healthcare institutions to privately exchange emails, clients’ health/clinical information, and other privacy-related documents according to the HIPAA software-compliance.
  • Managed and administrated the on-the-cloud hosted VoIP server.
  • Deployed IT Ticketing Server for posting and monitoring technical problems/inquiries from IRIS staff and interns.
  • Designed a special fundraising webpage with a counter of total funds on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day of 2017. During these two days, the page received more than 17K visitors and approximately $100,000 in donations.
  • Designed, programmed, and administered the on-the-cloud Internship and Volunteering Databases to be accessed from inside and outside IRIS office on demands with ease of management for staff, interns, and volunteers with graphical-based representations of final data as an alternative unified solution of using different versions of spreadsheets and web forms.
  • Designed, programmed, and administered the on-the-cloud ILS (Immigration Legal Services) Database to be accessed from inside and outside IRIS office on demands with ease of management and data entries for immigrants and asylees information as an alternative unified solution of using different versions of spreadsheets.
  • Designed, programmed, and administered the all-in-one iris-DBUA (Database Unified Access) for refugees and immigrants of different IRIS departments into one access platform using LAMP-based server.

ZTE Corporation

Baghdad, Iraq (2/2005 – 9/2010)

Telecom Engineer 

  • Configured and administrated the Zsmart billing systems (AIX/Oracle servers) in the three provinces: Baghdad, Najaf, and Nasiriyah.
  • Designed and managed the ZXR10 (ZTE switches and routers) infrastructure for the overall Zsmart billing systems in the three mentioned-above provinces.
  • Designed the SDH/STM layouts for Access Networks (MSAN and MSAG) project, in Nasiriya.
  • Chief of Engineers for CDMA2000 FuratPhone Telecom project, in Nasiriya.
  • Training Manager for ZTE products (MSS, PDSN, and Zsmart billing system) at FuratPhone Telecom, in Nasiriya.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained the MSS and PDSN systems for CDMA2000 Najaf City project.
Professional Training
  • Shanghai, China (6/2009 – 7/2009):

Training at ZTE R&D in SDH/Optical Transmission and Access Networks

  • Shenzhen, China (5/2009 – 6/2009):

Certificate from ZTE University in ZXSS10-NGN

  • Lannion, France (1/2007 – 2/2007):

Certificates from Alcatel University in GSM-ngHLR TOMAS Validation

  • Nantes, France (1/2007 – 1/2007):

Training at Alcatel R&D in GSM-ngHLR Operation and Maintenance

  • Nanjing, China (8/2005 – 9/2005):

Training at ZTE R&D in CDMA2000 Push-to-Talk and PDSN

  • Shenzhen, China (7/2005 – 8/2005):

Certificates from ZTE University in CDMA2000 MSS and SMS

  • Amman, Jordan (5/2005 – 6/2005):

Pre-sale courses in ZTE products (SoftSwitch and ATM)

My hacks

Software Achievement
  • Shell scripts for AIX server: Protects and reduces the commands for the disk array clusters and Oracle database in Zsmart billing system.
  • NE Pinger: Checks the availability of the desired NE and Oracle services for Zsmart billing system.
  • AuC File Generator: Generates a customized authentication file for the subscribers of ZTE-HLR system.
  • Blocker: Blocks the services of 10K subscribers in ZTE-IN system using Windows automation and JavaScript.
  • IN2Billing File Formatter: Converts designated file formats between ZTE-IN and Zsmart billing system.
  • PDSN Checker: Checks the availability of the desired routers, firewalls, and Internet connectivity for ZTE-PDSN system.
  • KILLnREBOOT: Stops OMC-S service and its Java processes/dependencies, then restarts the overall systems (ZTE-BSC, MSC, HLR, PDSN, and AAA servers).
  • Mass Provisioning: Generates a customizable XML file for the subscribers of Alcatel-ngHLR system.
  • FrameID Finder: Locates, filters, and displays a defined set of ERRORs in Alcatel-ngHLR system.
  • Web Automator: Checks and fills the required fields of web pages using Windows automation that are used in different services and entities for telecom applications.
  • Intranet Chat: Simple and secure Client-Server messenger for Intranet domain.
  • Predictive Imaging Software: A simplified plastic surgery tool uses the software-defined approach of directive instructions from plastic surgeons.
  • RTP (Radiotherapy Planning) Technology Tool: Illustrates different biomedical engineering systems and their functions using MATLAB, at Continuous Education Dept., Al-Nahrain University.
  • Steganography: Retrieves hidden information from image files, “CS610: Intermediate Programming/C”.
  • ACL and E-mail Filters: Implements access lists, permissions, and filters for files and e-mails using Bash and Python scripting, “CS652: Script Programming for Network Administration”.
  • Encryption: Implementation of the S-DES block cipher algorithm, “EE656: Hardware Description Language” using VHDL with Xilinx FPGA and “CS634: Cryptography and Data Security” using Sage.
  • Huffman Coding: Illustrates Binary Tree applications using C++, “CS620: Data Structures”.
  • Video Game Engine: Designs and implements a game engine with sets of 2D objects and spirits using VHDL and C with Xilinx FPGA and MicroBlaze emulated CPU, “EE659: System-on-Chip”.
  • Graphical-based Robotics Programming Language (GRPL): The software tool for my Master’s thesis at the University of New Haven that implements the Visual Programming Language (VPL) for robotics programming as symbolic/iconic commands approach.