Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

— Confucius (551 B.C.)

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Portland State University

Ph.D. Student

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Quantum Machine Learning in Quantum Robotics


University of New Haven

MSEE (Master of Science in Electrical Engineering)

Thesis title: ‘Graphical-based Robotics Programming Language

U.S. Fulbright Masters Scholarship


May 2014

GPA: 3.94 / 4.00

University of New Haven

Graduate Certificate in Computer Programming

U.S. Fulbright Masters Scholarship


July 2012

Al-Nahrain University

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Thesis title: ‘Development of 1D Barcode Reader Software Tool

Iraqi Qualified Students Program

Baghdad, Iraq

March 2006

Grade: 73.455%

Al-Nahrain University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Project title: ‘PC-based Simple Robotic System

Ranked the 3rd out of 16

Baghdad, Iraq

September 2002

Grade: 74.450%


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  • A. Al-Bayaty (Jul. 2014). GRPL (Graphical-based Robotics Programming Language). GitHub, Inc. [Online]. Available: https://github.com/albayaty/GRPL-Tool.git
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  • A. Al-Bayaty (Feb. 2020). Prolog Matrix Utilities Package (matrix_utls). GitHub, Inc. [Online]. Available: https://github.com/albayaty/matrix_utls.git

  • Fulbright International Exchange Alumni Association since 2014.
  • IEEE-HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) Honor Society Membership since 2012.
  • Fulbright Masters Scholarship Award, in 2010.
  • Iraqi Engineers Union Membership since 2002.

  • Control of Mobile Robots, Georgia Institute of Technology, Coursera.org
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots, Zürich University, edX.org
  • Fundamentals of Image and Video Processing, Northwestern University, Coursera.org
  • Introduction to R, Microsoft and DataCamp, edX.org
  • Introduction to jQuery, Microsoft, edX.org
  • Real-Time Communications 101 (SBC, VoLTE, WebRTC & SDN), Sonus Academy
  • Machine Learning, Stanford University (currently registered), Coursera.org

Skills & Interests

  • Advanced experience in MS Windows Servers (deploying and networking).
  • Moderate experience in MS SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) server.
  • Advanced experience in remote access software (Exceed X, TeamViewer, and RealVNC Connect).
  • Advanced knowledge in VMware and Citrix (XenApp/XenDesktop) platforms.
  • Practical level of experience in deploying and administering LAMP-based servers: WordPress, Apache, DNS, DHCP, FTP/SFTP, SMTP, SSH, AFP/NFS/SMB, and NAS.

  • Practical experience in Cisco (small/medium business routers/switches) and MikroTik (RouterOS/SwitchOS/AP) products.
  • Advanced experience in Synology DS+ (NAS) platforms.
  • Moderate experience in Juniper (firewall) and Big-IP F5 (load balancer) devices.
  • Advanced academic knowledge of the OSI model, TCP/IP, and security protocols.

  • ZTE systems (MSS, PDSN, and Zsmart billing).
  • Alcatel-Lucent product (ngHLR).
  • Asterisk-based VoIP platforms.

  • General: C/C++, Java, and MATLAB.
  • Scripting: Bash, Python, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Database: SQL (MariaDB) and SugarCRM/SuiteCRM.
  • Web Dev: WordPress CMS (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS).
  • Mobile: Basic knowledge in Android Studio and SDK tools.

  • 3D Printers: MakerBot Replicator+, Monoprice Select Mini 2, and Comgrow Creality Ender 3.
  • CNC Machine: Carvey-Inventables.
  • Laser Cutter: EpilogLaser Zing 60W.
  • Vinyl Cutter: Roland CAMM-1 GS-24.

  • Programming: Low-level C and VHDL.
  • Interfaces: UART, USB, Zigbee, SPI, and I²C.
  • Boards: Arduino, PIC microcontrollers, FPGA, and Xilinx SoC.

  • LEGO Mindstorm NXT.
  • Fischertechnik educational kits.
  • Basic knowledge in NAO robots using Python scripting.

  • MQL4 (developing EAs, scripts, and indicators).
  • Stocks candlesticks philosophy.

Strategy video games, chess, and backgammon  😎 

Iraqi and Middle Eastern cuisine  😀